Noah and Caleb’s Big Top Circus they turn “5”.


DSCF4391Welcome, as the kids entered they were greeted by the clown who gave them a bag for all their goodies and a necklace with a tag for each event, to ensure everyone received a big prize and a small one.

DSCN1296DSCN1294 I had forgotten all about this clown. When my girls were the twins age my parents had a after school party. My mom loved having end of the school year parties. One year we had a circus theme. This clown has been in the shed for many many years. All I did was give him a good cleaning and repainted the clown. It’s like new and it made it so special to have something from there mommy when she was little.
Here is a little of what they had to eat.DSCN1292


So we needed popcorn for our display. Find packing peanuts(I found them at UPS store and I got them for free. I only needed a small bag.) My daughter had been to the circus so she kept the popcorn box, you can get these at your dearest party supply store. We added rocks to the bottom to weight it down, now add the peanuts. As they get near the top clue them to the sides and together. With Yellow paint tip some of them to resemble butter. Add more peanuts, you may want to break some to give different shapes. Stand back a look, now you have a box of popcorn.DSCN1289-001

You can’t forget the cake!

It’s game time. We had a lot of fun making the games. We painted juice cans for the Bag Toss game. Don’t go to a big expense you can make the bean bags with beans or rice. Use scrape material or old jeans. Just cut up to the size you want. No need for a sewing machine use glue, or hand stitch them.DSCN1297





DSCN1302 We took a Sunday and painted 2 liter soda bottles with the boys for the Ring toss game. The Spin to Win, you will be amazed what people are throwing away. My husband found the spinning wheel along side the road. No one wanted it any more. So we added our fun stuff to it. All the back drops for the games, along with the photo booth and fish pond where large boxes. We bought plastic table cloths from the Dollar Store. They make great back drops. The Go Fish game we took old Christmas bulbs, took the outside off which left a Styrofoam ball. Painted the tops red like a bobber. Stapled different silk greens we had around the house and add the bobbers. The photo booth we took an old suit case, found old hats, sun glasses along with other items and added them so they could be a little silly in the Photo Booth.

Every circus needs a Fortune Teller, Grandma Patty made a great one!DSCF4421

We collected large boxes along with large stuff animals it seemed like forever, they are what we made the Circus Train from. Each animal was named from all their Aunts and Uncles along with Grandmas and Grandpas. So we needed a lot of animals. We used blue cello for water on those that needed the aquarium look. We used rope on the front of the cages so they were able to pet all of the animals.DSCN1303






DSCN1312DSCN1307 The World’s smallest Giraffes were made from large tubes left over from work and paper apache for the heads. We figured this would be easier than trying to make a body. It was a lot of work but worth all the smiles on the kids faces.
Here are some fun and silly looks from the Photo Booth.DSCF4471DSCF4475







There was a lot of help from family to make sure everything ran smooth along with multi tasking, Tyler as the Strong man, Daddy and Uncle Scott as the Lion Tamers, Aunt Jody as the Photographer, Grandma(myself) as the Clown and mommy as the Ringleader. Thank you to Aunt Teresa and Aunt Tracy for helping also.




We needed to make sure everyone knew where to go. DSCN1378
A Circus isn’t a circus without a Magician. Noah and Caleb had a lot of fun being Chris’s assistant.

Time came for the special guest, Santa and Mrs. Claus. The kids were very surprised when they arrived. The party had been cancelled till January because of snow, so with Santa making a trip after Christmas it was a big surprise. I had a niece who asked is that really Santa? I said well yes, he came all the way from the North Pole just for you guys and Mrs. Santa wanted to come with him. I guess she believed it.
Here is Noah and Caleb with Santa and Mrs. Claus.
I love having big parties like that!! Everyone had such a good time. I hope you’ve enjoyed our party and we give you the inspiration to have a big party also.