013Hi, my name is Eva. I hope your having a great day. I live in a small town in Southern Illinois. I’m a florist by trade but my passion is crafting, sewing, cooking. Just about anything to do with crafts pass down by my mom and mother in law, family traditions, along with recipes and home remedies.
me n scott jo wedding-001I married my high school sweetheart in ’82. We have two beautiful daughters Bethany and Jody whom are now mommies of their own. They have given us three beautiful little boys. My husband is just in heaven with three little boys. As you can see boys will be boys. This is their favorite place to go.011
They are the love of our life. I love watching their eyes sparkle when they talk and their little smiles. Their big bear hugs make my day.
family at christmasI don’t want to forget about my two wonderful son in laws. This is my crew in 2012. The boys have grown so much since then. Now that the kids are married, it’s like the first years of marriage. I like it being just my hubby and me. I can also do all the things I’ve wanted to for so long. Crafts crafts and more crafts.
My mom was always doing some kind of craft. She sewed a lot. The girls would tell her what kind of dress they wanted, she would cut her own pattern out and make them one. So I’m glad I inherited some of her talent. My mother in law is the one who got me into doing flowers. When she started we had to assemble each flower petal by petal. It really makes you appreciate the work you’ve done. Now I think of her when doing my arrangements.

I imagine myself as a dreamer, many things (crafts) to accomplish in life.
Quotaion to live by: A winner is a dreamer who never gives up. Nelson Mandela.

With that being said, I want to thank you for stopping by. I hope to inspire you with my creativeness. Be that dreamer and share your dreams with me.


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